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Learning support

The support unit at St Helens Park Public School has three classes for students with emotional and behavioural disorders (ED/BD), catering to 21 students Kindergarten through to Year 4.

The support classes have been established to cater for students across the Sydney south-west region. Specialist trained staff work within the support unit to meet the individual educational, emotional and behavioural needs of each student.


All students can reach the goal of full-time integration with intervention, support, positives and teamwork. All students will be educated in a supportive, stimulating and safe learning environment, to which individual needs are catered for.

The unit

The St Helens Park ED/BD Unit was established for students in Kindergarten to Year 4 with an emotional/behavioural disturbance sign off. There are three classes with a maximum of seven students per class. Each class has one teacher and one learning support officer.

The Unit has three classes, where the students attend the unit for 4 full days and attend their home school one day a week. Each term the district guidance officer, St Helens Park principal, assistant principal support and ED staff will re-evaluate the needs of the students in consultation with home schools and parents to determine which model is the most appropriate for them.

Duration of program

The St Helens Park ED unit is an 18-month program. Re-integration back into the home school varies in accordance with each student's academic and social needs. The re-integration timetable is organised in consultation with the ED and home school personnel. Referring schools are responsible for applying for integration support if required.

Unit hours

The classes operate on a full four day, off one day model. Students attend class Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 9am to 2:30pm. 

Intensive reading class

The Intensive Reading Class operates over one term. Students attend the class from 9am to 12pm each day. During this time, the focus is on improving students reading, comprehension and spelling ability.

Once students have completed the intensive reading program, home school teachers and students are provided with an additional term of support from the Intensive reading teacher.

This is a regional resource and students are chosen from schools throughout the South West Sydney region.

Parent meetings are held once a term to orientate the parents to the program and its philosophies. Regular contact between the intensive reading teacher, parents and home school teachers is ongoing throughout the term.